Automated cloud Based invoice Processing

  • No Capital Expenditure

  • No Expensive Hardware/Software to Maintain

  • Implement in Days not Months

  • Cost Effective

  • Improve efficiency

  • Easy to Use

Automated Cloud Based Invoice Processing

Free Trial

No Obligation

During the free trial period, you will be able to create production ready invoice data suitable for upload in to your ERP. Following the trial period, we will ask you to provide feedback on your experience so we can look at ways of improving the service and that’s it. No further obligations.

We are confident that once you have used the service and seen the cost/time saving benefits first-hand that you will want to continue using it.  With flexible low cost licensing plans available we would be glad to talk to you about turning the trial in to Production.

What's on Offer:

For the trial period, you will have:

  1. A User Logon Id

  2. Ability to manually import invoices (drag and drop function)

  3. Ability to process up to 75 Non PO Expense Invoice in GBP in a format suitable for upload to your ERP in a 2-week period

  4. Export to your Local Folder

Production Ready

There are a number of further efficiency saving functions available in the Production Ready system that are not available during the trial.

  1. Import of invoices is expanded to include:

    1. Automatic Import from email (or forwarded emails)

    2. Automic upload of invoice from scanned sources

  2. Master Data, static during the trial, can be scheduled to upload daily