Automated Invoice Processing On-Boarding

Thank you for your Application

Welcome to PECOMi’s Automated Invoice Processing Oboarding Service. This page will take you through the Onboarding process and explain what the free, no obligation trial consists of.


Prior to your Account being set up, you will be required to provide some pre-requisites to allow the service to be tailored to your own requirements. Fortunately, these tasks are not onerous and can be completed easily and quickly.

Network Path

On your Local Network, set up the following Folder Structure. This is to allow invoices to be uploaded and data files to be downloaded.

\\”<NetWork Path>”\Pecomi





Master Data

In order for the service to automatically recognise your Suppliers, it is necessary for this information to be uploaded to the service. Please download and populate the spreadsheets in the attached workbook with the necessary Supplier/Vendor data from your ERP system

Set Up Your Account

Please forward the \\”Net Work>” path and the populated Supplier Master Data spreadsheet to to allow your Account to be set up and activated

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